Should teachers be allowed to carry guns?

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Teachers should definitely be trained and allowed to carry guns (especially at schools with high crime rates). It's pretty much the same thing as arming air marshalls and pilots on planes. Teachers are the first line of defense against any potential perpetrators, whether they're students or outside criminals, who would shoot up our schools. Armed guards probably aren't going to be where the action is at first anyway. Give the teachers the power and save the 10 bucks an hour we're wasting on the security guards!

It's madness to allow teachers to carry guns in classrooms especially if one believes that security guards cannot prevent gun violence. Anyone who wants to shoot up a school knows that the teacher is the first one to die. Most likely way before the teacher even knows there is a threat or has time to pull the gun out. And why put guns in the school already? Deranged students now know they only have to surprise a teacher with a gun, take it away and start shooting. And it would be very easy to do. Introducing guns into the school only increases the chances of deranged students using guns to shoot up schools.
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No, because teachers with guns create more problems than they would solve. It is unlikey that an armed teacher would have prevented any of the gun violence that has taken place at schools in the past. What would a teacher with a pistol do when confronted with a person with an assault rifle? Open fire on the shooter and start a gun battle in a classroom? If a shooter can take out an armed security guard, a shooter can easily take out the teacher next. Then he has one more gun. And if teachers carried guns in school any student of a mind to shoot up a school or to just commit suicide, would not have to acquire a gun or sneak one into the school. There would already be a ready supply of them strapped to various teachers. Just whack a teacher from behind, take his gun and start shooting. This makes every teacher known to carry a gun a potential target of some deranged student. Or gang of students. And it would become well known very quickly which teachers carry guns and which do not. Teachers should teach and police should police.

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