Should cell phones be allowed in school?

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Face it: cell phones are a part of our everyday lives. Despite the potential distractions, children need them to call home for rides, be notified of family emergencies, or even call the police (think Columbine!) . They use them for research and they should be able to use them to call friends and play games at lunch or during breaks. If they goof off during class that's their choice (as long as they're not disrupting class) and they'll pay the price. But they need to be experts at using them from an early age to succeed both socially and academically today.
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It's unacceptable to say that if the kids goof off that's their choice and they will pay the price. They don't know what it means to have no education when they become adults. Young kids are always complaining about learning proper grammar or ancient history or geometry. They always say "Why do I have to know what a preposition is? I'm never going to use that when I become a computer game programmer." Kids can be taught how to use cell phones and computers in a proper classroom setting, but they shouldn't be doing their cell phone homework while English is being taught. Society will wind up with smart phones and dumb children.
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No. In the old days one form of classroom disruption was when boys and girls passed notes to one another. Now with cell phones they just text one another and the teacher can't spot it. Same problem made even worse by modern technology. Cell phones are too much of a distraction especially with the smart phones we have now. Access to internet games provides too much opportunity and temptation for kids to ignore their lessons. They can play on their phones after school, but during class, their attention should be on the teacher only.
I wonder if it's feasible at all to suppress cell signals in the classrooms so they can't make/receive calls or play internet games in the classroom?

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