Should boys and girls be in separate classes?

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You can put them in separate classes but not separate schools. They can socialize at lunch. There is less distraction and conflict which creates a better learning environment. Then teachers can use different techniques for the boys and the girls!
What different techniques? Can you give examples of ways in which teachers would treat boys differently than they would girls? Socializing at lunch is not enough. Boys coming out of class together will have lunch together and so will the girls. I bet they wind up sitting in groups together so the girls can talk about what interests them and the boys can talk about what interests them. I know myself that I was more worried about not performing well in class when there were girls in it than when there weren't. And I bet the same goes for the girls. Keeping them together will help alleviate  performance anxiety.
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Totally disagree. Coeducation allows boys and girls to socialize. All-boys and all-girls schools are robbing kids of the social skills they need to develop in their personal and work lives outside of school. You're stinting their growth and they'll be more awkward around the opposite sex. The dynamic in the classroom should be the same as what our children encounter outside of school as well.
I have to agree with the No take on this one. Boys and girls should interact with one another as much as possible to develop social skills. This includes being active participants in classes in front of the opposite sex. At younger ages, boys tend to be class clowns if they are in class only with other boys. I believe, and this may sound sexist, that boys will be better behaved and more prepared for class when they are under the scrutiny of and criticism by girls sitting in the same class.

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