Should states use tests to grade teachers?

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Yes they should use test scores in grading teachers, but test scores should not be the only factor. For example, some students have difficulty taking standardized tests with the result that scores can be low, giving a false indication of the intelligence of the student. That then gives a false indication of the effectiveness of the teacher. Some standardized test are biased (albeit unintentionally) in favor of the cultural background of certain types of people, mainly the type of person who created the test. Consequently, students with different cultural backgrounds misunderstand questions or answers and get them wrong even though they do know the material.  Other factors should be taken into account such as whether a teacher instills in students an interest in learning. Does the teacher advance the maturity of the students? While test scores should be used to grade teachers and perhaps carry more weight than any other factor, States should not grade teachers solely on the basis of such scores.

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