Should the extra point in football be eliminated?

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No keep it because the 7th point on a touchdown should not be automatic even though statistically speaking it is virtually automatic. The NFL is considering a change to make all TDs 7 points with a regular play afterwards giving the opportunity for an 8th. Gee whiz how dumb is that? Plus, if they don't get into the endzone, they lose one point. Like what coach isn't going to just stick with the 7 points rather than risk losing the 7th? Another change they're thinking of is moving the spot from the 2 yard line to the 25th yard line. So every extra point is a 42 yard field goal. The NFL (read Roger Goodell) is idiotic. Can't they come up with any better alternatives? They go from one extreme to the other on this: just give them the 7th point automatically or make it very hard to get it. I say leave it the way it is. Either that or bring back the dropkick for all extra points. Now THAT would be interesting.
Aren't like 99.9% of extra points good? Complete waste of time. What took them so long to realize this is what I want to know. Always holding on to the old ways just because that's the way it's always been done when it obviously makes no sense. I like the extra point from the 25-yard line but even that's a pretty easy field goal. At least a 2-point conversion takes some skill. But either way the current extra point is boring us all to the point we're zombies. When was the last time someone missed an extra point? If they were going to keep it the way it was might as well just make TD's 7 points and do away with it. Save us all the time.

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