Should Pete Rose be in the Hall of Fame?

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Come on. It's so fucking ridiculous to keep the best hitter of all-time out of the Hall. I think everyone can agree by now he never bet on the Reds which is the real issue at hand. He didn't have any control over the outcome of those other games so what's the big deal? He didn't do any damage to the game. Giamatti did the damage by making so much out of it when it was really no biggie. He just bet on non-Reds games like anyone in Vegas would have. Did they get sanctioned for it? If you take off the blinders you realize that's really the exact same thing. He was not participating in those games in any way. DUH Get your heads out of your asses baseball suits.

He has the all-time record for hits, games played and at-bats. 3 World Series rings, Rookie of the Year, 3 batting crowns, 2 gold gloves, an MVP and 17 all-star games (5 different positions - more than anyone else).
So why is the Babe in there? Alcoholic, gambler, womanizer AND A WIFE BEATER!
Whitey Ford admitted to cheating and scuffing the ball (even in the All-Star Game!). He actually had the grounds crew screw with the other team's batter's box so they couldn't get solid footing when they were swinging at his pitches! That's a million times worse than Rose because he's playing unfair, tainting the game! But the Hall of Fame welcomes cheaters apparently.
Rogers Hornsby was a member of the KKK! Hate crimes and being a complete asshole are just fine by the HOF voters. LMAO
The great Ty Cobb? Get this. He climbed into the stands once and beat a HANDICAPPED fan senseless because he was heckling him. Racist ass beat up an elevator operator because he was black and then when a security guard tried to stop him he pulled out a knife and stabbed the security guard. He was involved in a collusion scandal where they fixed games to win wagers. He was banned from baseball but then they let him back in when the legal charges were dropped. A witness refused to appear in court (I wonder why!). So he probably had his thugs intimidate his way back in. That's how ya do it. He beat his son with a whip because he failed college. Of course, the icing on the cake is that he killed a guy. Murder is just fine and dandy by the voters. The guy was going to attack him but he beat him to a pulp and just left the body in an alley. The police classified it as a John Doe later.
Either let Pete in or kick those mofos out. Somehow I don't see that happening. A bunch of fucking hypocrites who think they're all high-and-mighty who want to act like they're superior to the dude who hustled his ass off more than any other player and transformed the game. But they got the power and can do whatever the hell they want. Don't have to make sense.
It's all in this video.
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While Pete may have had some questionable behavior as a manager, he was an excellent player. He should be recognized for what he did on the field as a player. If there was a hall of fame for managers - then you can leave him out.

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If a player hustles his whole life he gets banned from baseball for life for a mistake made AFTER playing!? Is that fair or right? Or if you never fail a drug test and are the BEST HITTER to ever play the game, you get pushed out the game because the pencil pushers think their shit don't stink and don't like your attitude! Is that right or fair? NO

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He agreed to be permanently banned from the hall of fame. I don't think he should be penalized unless he intentionally threw games to make money. But we can't prove he didn't throw games intentionally to win bets.

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He just agreed to be banned from baseball (which included the HOF ban) to get it over with. I think we all know he deserves to be in there. In this country you're innocent until proven guilty. It should be the same in baseball. You can't prove a negative. They never proved he bet on the Reds (if they haven't by now they can't and never will) so just drop it baseball and give him the respect he earned. Enough is enough.illman

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