Should athletes be paid so much?

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Like all entertainers, athletes should get paid what the market bears for their talent. They bring in the big bucks from television, ticket sales, merchandise, and sponsors. They're putting in the long hours and hard work to perform at the top of their game. They take the risk of career-ending injuries that can happen at any time and endure the perils of fame that come along with the fortune.

If they didn't get paid what they do that extra money would go in the owners' pockets. Is that the answer? I don't think so!
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Think of all those benchwarmers getting millions to sit on their asses! Totally overpaid.

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They should be playing for the love of the sport, not the love of money! They only work part of the year too. They have all that time off in the offseason! Give that money to our underpaid teachers I say. They're shaping the youth of America. People need to think about helping the environment and charity for those less fortunate. I say NO to this one!

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