Should Major League Baseball ban home plate collisions?

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PATHETIC. The wussification of baseball continues. There is already so much less contact in baseball than the other 3 sports. Next they'll probably throw any pitcher who hits a batter out of the game. Soon it will challenge golf for pure excitement. Injuries are part of the game. If a baseball player wants to have no chance of injuries he can become a golfer.


This is a sport with millions of fans paying to watch it. They deserve the players giving it everything they've got. NOT PHONING IT IN. Home plate is where it all happens. As much as I hated seeing Greg Olson lose his career in a collision at home plate the fact is he could have chosen to catch the ball outside of the baseline and not block the plate so much. It is and should be up to the catcher if they want to put themselves in harm's way to try to prevent the run and risk a collision. Can't find a video of Olson but Buster Posey suffered the same kind of injury (it's at :36 in the video).

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Home plate collisions are actually infrequent so there really doesn't have to be a rule preventing them. A catcher has the choice now to avoid that collision by not blocking the plate. A runner has the choice not to collide with the catcher by sliding through the catcher's feet or around them. Banning collisions gives the catcher too much of an advantage to tag a runner out, because it would be the runner who has the obligation to avoid the collision. What does the runner do if the catcher is blocking the plate? What if the collision is caused by the catcher? Who can tell who caused the collision? What constitutes a "collision? Is it the Pete Rose-Ray Fosse type or is it any type of runner-catcher contact?

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