Should girls be able to play football?

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That's sexist to say that girls can't play because the sport is mostly boys. I played a couple seasons and I was really good. Girls can do anything if they put their mind to it. Some can run faster than the boys! If they can take the hits allow them to play.
i think girls should be able to play because they are just as good as the guys maybe even better. sometimes i think we are underestimated by our strenght according to science. anyone can accomplish the impossible. all it takes is determination and faith. with god all things are possible. give it a try.
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Absolutely. For one thing it would make the pat on the behind for a good play look more natural if a guy pats a girl on the behind rather than when one guy pats another guy on the behind. As long as the pat doesn't turn into a rub or a squeeze it will be fine. Of course, if it does become a rub or squeeze and the girl slaps the guy, we could have the strange sight of a personal foul being called on a player for doing something to his own teammate. I think these kinds of problems could be worked out though.

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Not with the boys. No way. It sounds like a great concept (and I'm sure guys wouldn't mind being sacked by a hot chick) until you think it through. Does that mean boys can join the softball team (or even the cheerleaders!!!)? By the time they're in high school there's a huge difference in physical strength. They even had a pro women's football league and it was a complete bust!

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