Should evolution be taught in schools?

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Definitely teach it. If you don't teach evolution what other proven sciences are you going to throw out? Let's outlaw the laws of chemistry while we're at it. It's an established theory backed up by such strong scientific evidence. The people that argue against it are typically just trying to push their religious agenda (which has no basis in fact) onto everyone.
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Evolution has not been proven. It's just a theory. So if evolution is going to be taught in school so should Creationism because it's a theory as well. God created man. Our schools should not be determining what faith our children believe in. We should be teaching them about intelligent design and the sanctity of life. Then they will appreciate how precious this life is!
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Creationism is not a theory, it's a farce. Try matching events in the Bible to facts uncovered by geologists, astronomists and anthropologists. It fails miserably. On the other hand all Creationism has to back it up is one chapter in the Book of Genesis. No facts back that story up. You don't want schools determining what faith our children believe in, but that is exactly what they will be doing if they teach Biblical theory. They would be teaching Christianity and not other faiths. And depending on which version of the Bible they choose as the approved textbook, they would be teaching either Protestantism or Catholicism.  Let churches and parents teach faith and leave the schools out of it.
One other thing. It's obvious you don't really want schools to teach an alternative theory to Evolution. You just want Creationism taught as a phony way to teach religion otherwise you wouldn't say schools should not be determining what "faith" our children believe in. So it isn't about alternative theories. It's about a religious theory as opposed to a non-religious theory.

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