Should condoms be distributed in schools?

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The notion that teenagers (as a whole) won't experiment and partake in sex is naive. With hormones raging and a need for independence, simply educating them will not suffice (particularly if that education is abstinence-only). Teenage pregnancy rates are high and on the rise. Teens are becoming sexually active at a younger age and curtailing them with an increased emphasis on safe sex is vital. Providing condoms at schools to any that need them could be taken as a sign of endorsement for teenage sex, but it's a necessary evil to face in order to combat pregnancy and the spread of STD's in the teen population.
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Teens are going to have sex no matter what so we should do everything we can to promote safe sex. It's the least we can do because less than half of the states have mandatory sex ed classes in high school. It also helps prevent unwanted pregnancies by teens who can't afford to have one yet. ~70% of teens drop out of high school after they have a child. That's a staggering stat!

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I disagree. It is immoral and undermines the religious upbringing so many of us have tried to teach our children. Programs like this are destroying our families little by little! We should focus on abstinence-only sex education programs so as not to unnecessarily condone our children having sex.

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