Should animals be used for research?

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It's a necessary evil. We feel bad about what the animals are going through but the next time you take that medication you'll be thankful for that research. Animal research saves countless lives by finding cures for diseases. Think of the millions that will be saved if and when a cure for cancer is found! This testing is a vital part of scientific progress. Let's focus on testing in the most humane and least painful ways possible.

But let me ask you this: are all you people who are against animal testing vegetarians? Didn't think so. Hypocrites!
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Do you really think an animal's life is more important than a human's? We shouldn't be killing animals to make new kinds of makeup or anything. But when it comes to developing new medicines and vaccines that help or save the lives of millions of people it's definitely worth the sacrifice.
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Yes, if the alternative is using human beings for testing. Animal testing should be humane and free of cruelty, but there is no reason to ban it per se especially if it will provide a benefit to humans.
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We should not be doing testing or research on these defenseless animals. Animals have rights too. Their lives are just as precious as human ones and they have feelings too! They aren't just doing these experiments on rats and mice but dogs, cats, horses, and many other animals. They are often treated cruelly and inhumanely, kept in small cages and forced to endure painful tests. Why not do the testing on human prisoners (it would be a big deterrent against crime)!? Think how you would feel if they used your pet for research.
But how would you feel if they needed to use your pet for research that cured your mother of a disease she was dying from?
So human beings in prison have fewer rights than rats? Or are they just above rats and mice but below cats, dogs and horses on the human rights scale? I would rather see testing done on defenseless animals than on defenseless humans in prison.

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