Should public prisons be privatized?

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Yeah, Corrections Corp. of America bungled the privatization of that Ohio prison back in 2011 but they're learning from their mistakes and beefing up staff and the number of CO's. The new owners lobby for stricter immigration laws which is what we need in this country with so many people crossing the border and being a drag on our economy.

The government is lazy and couldn't care less about running a tight ship and cutting out unnecessary expenditures on these jails. The private sector will keep their eye on the ball with these, keeping a close eye on expenses and eliminate the unneeded employees that are sitting on their asses, sell off excess space, and maximize the space they have so taxpayers don't have to foot the bill for this waste and have more money to spend on their families. When criminals see how the prisons are being reformed and the population increase within them that should be a wake-up call and deterrent to them so that they learn to stay out of trouble and be more productive members of society. Time to shape up or ship out!

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Several years ago Ohio Gov. Kasich facilitated the 1st sale of a public prison to a private corporation in the US. It was a disaster that led to a massive overcrowding problem. The company was looking to maximize profits. and didn't add enough corrections officers (but they sure added plenty more bunks!). They just see prisoners as dollar signs! Investigators from the state went undercover and found that many of the prisoners were living in horrible conditions, some didn't even have access to running water and they had to crap in plastic bags! With the jail shortstaffed it was easy to move drugs into it for the inmates (they'd just toss tote bags full of drugs over the fences and the inmates would scoop it up and distribute it to all their buddies). In the first few month after the sale there was also twice the assaults both between prisoners and on the staff.

When the jails are no longer run by the government there's also less investment in rehabilitation of the criminals so they get into a vicious cycle where they get arrested over and over, sending their lives into a downward spiral many times and destroying families. We need to reform the criminal justice system to keep people who shouldn't be behind bars out of prison and that just isn't happening when the corporations are fighting to increase the prison population in order to line their pockets!

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