Should philosophy be a required course?

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I would love to see philosophy as a required class in college! High school students aren't ready to grasp important philosophical concepts yet. An introductory philosophy class (and ideally an ethics class as well) should be mandatory. It's important to learn basic critical thinking skills.
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Absolutely not. I've never taken philosophy and it hasn't harmed me. I hear some philosophers think that objects don't really exist. Really? That a little too metaphisicaly nihilistic for me. Life is meaningless enough, existentially speaking, so why study why it is meaningless. Just accept it and get over it. And now that we know God is dead, we know that traditional Judeo-Christian moral values have been so undercut that even ethics has become quite jejune. Dump philosophy. Just go out and try to provide the greatest happiness for the greatest number and you can't go wrong. It doesn't take a pholosopher to know that.

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