Should men get paternity leave from work?

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Women complain about equal rights. But what about when it's the man on the other end? If you don't allow the man to stay home too that's sexist! Men can take care of the babies just as well as women (aside from breastfeeding) and if that's what works for them he should have that option. Maybe they had twins or triplets or the mother needs some extra recovery time. It's best to give the man (and the woman) a choice of how much time they can take off work.
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Yes, a man who gives birth to a child should get paternity leave just the same as women who give birth get maternity leave. This is only fair. In fact a man would need it a whole lot more since his "birth canal", such as it is, is much smaller than a woman's and the poor man will no doubt need even more time to recover from giving birth than a woman now does.
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What if the guy had to have an episiotomy? Of course, in a guy's case it would be an epenisiotomy? He'd want twice the paternity leave as a woman gets. And no guy on any  medical panel in the world would deny him that leave. So I stand by my write.
The whole thing is comical.

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This time off is something that should be reserved for moms. She's the one nursing and recovering from the birth, not him. Yes, he probably wants to be with his baby. But it's the father's responsibility to work and support the family during this time. Having him at home to help the mother out is not worth sacrificing the wages he would have earned during that time.
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