Should English be the official language of the US?

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80% of Americans speak English as their first language. It's funny that English is the official language of 50+ countries but not the US! The original reason the Continental Congress shot down a proposal to make it official was that it was "undemocratic" and a threat to our liberties. That kind of thinking is so outdated. Times change. Some opponents say it's unpatriotic which makes no sense to me. America is a melting pot of cultures and making it official unifies us. Make government paperwork in English and get as many immigrants learning the most popular and important language as possible. It will help them function better in society and help bridge the racial divide.

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We shouldn't force immigrants to speak a new language here if they don't want to. Let them retain the culture, traditions and customs from their native countries and bring them to this country. But their lives may be harder if they can't communicate effectively with most in the US. They have to keep that in mind.

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