Should the minimum wage be raised?

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We would boost the incomes of 28 million workers in America by raising it. Working families would benefit, people would be able to have children or go back to school and it'd ease the burden on Social Security. It would get more money in the hands of people who would actually spend it rather than the rich who hoard it. Redistribute the income and keep the economy moving. We need to improve productivity throughout the economy to sustain a recovery and this is the way you do it.

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You're sadly mistaken Coneyme. Low-income families can't meet their basic needs on this minimum wage. We have to raise it to lift these low-wage workers people out of poverty. Basic necessities like food, clothing, and healthcare continue increasing in price every year. But the minimum wage is not keeping pace. The difference in income between the low and the high class continues to increase. I don't think 650 economists are mistaken.

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Absolutely not! Sure, it sounds good that someone earned a few extra dollars as a dishwasher, waiter or even a busboy. But has the consumer considered the fact that the prices for their meals will increase in order to pay for the wage increase? But it doesn't stop there. What about the cashier or boxboy who will also receive increases at your local store? You have to pay more for the company to make a profit and still pay its employees fairly. It's a domino effect throughout the economy. Inflation rises and the value of the dollar goes down. It's a gimmick and a smoke-and-mirrors tactic to shut underpaid workers up!

It's also a disincentive to the youth, making them think they can get by on a lower-paid job rather than going to college. It dumbs down our children. China and India will continue surpassing the US in subjects like science and math even more. These jobs should be stepping stones to garner some knowledge so you can move up. Don't get complacent with just a few extra bucks. I sympathize with single working parents who don't have the educational background if circumstances cause them to have to take a job like this, but they also need to take into account there are programs out there that can help them.

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