Should the driving age be raised to 18?

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Young drivers raise my blood pressure through the roof! Make it high as possible for us older folks who take the time to drive carefully and watch where we're going. One of them pulled out in front of me the other day and almost gave me a heart attack. I honked at them for 2 minutes. Screw yourselves you meddling kids! sad

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Tons of teens age 15 - 17 are working. Are we going to make all of them scramble for alternate transportation to work? This just doesn't make sense to me. These young teen drivers are in more accidents but a lot of that is just because they're new to driving. Raise the minimum age to 18 and the inexperienced 18-year olds will be involved in many more accidents. Focus on the root causes like texting and using cells while driving. Driving from ages 15 - 17 helps teens become independent and more responsible at an earlier age. All of the new problems that would crop up are not worth the hypothetical gain of less accidents on the streets.
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Teens need to have a social life! We shouldn't be holding them back. What is this, communist Russia or the 1800's? Pansies! I bet you guys think smoking should be banned too. Give me a freakin break people!

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