Should marijuana be legal?

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I know the federal government should legalize marijuana. The foremost reason being that marijuana is not the dangerous drug that the federal government has led us to believe with propaganda and false testing. Right now marijuana is classified as a schedule 1 narcotic meaning it has no medicinal benefit.

Now that more and more states are legalizing marijuana, society is realizing that there is no drastic change that will come with legalization. In the state of Washington, marijuana has been legal since December 2012. There has been no huge increase in violent crime, drug addiction or marijuana overdosing since then. This is in stark contrast with alcohol, which has always been around. Those who go overboard with alcohol are much more likely to endanger themselves because it's so intoxicating (and addictive). If the federal government really cared about the people they would focus on what is actually harming us and not arresting innocent business owners.
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And why is pot legal in some states and not others? Uh, so what makes it alright for Colorado residents but not, say, New Mexico residents? WHAT'S THE DIFFERENCE? Common sense people! That's what our government is lacking! Just make it legal nationwide. So much less dangerous than, say, alcohol it's ridiculous that we're even considering not legalizing it!

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