Should guns be banned?

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The US should ban them. Guns are used in over half of all suicides and 68% of murders. They account for so many accidental deaths. The idea that we need guns to protect ourselves from the government is outdated. Our freedom would not suddenly be revoked if we were to put down our guns. Give me a break. The government is not waiting to make droids of us after we're disarmed. Some say banning guns would leave them exclusively in the hands of criminals. The reason so many criminals have guns is because they're cheap and easy to come by.
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We need gun control laws. The gun lobby is hiding behind the 2nd amendment. They're manipulating how we interpret it. Congress should take action and deal with this problem once and for all. The US needs to set an example for other countries to follow. Many hunters get this feeling of power when they shoot for sport. Is this sport worth allowing all the gangsters to cowardly shoot people to feel that same surge of power? I think not.

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No but there needs to be stricter gun control in America. Every single day more and more people are dying simply for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. When major tragedies like the Colorado theater shooting or Sandy Hook Elementary occur, people rally together and cry out for change and an end to the violence. With those terrible events pushed back to the recesses of our memories it seems we forgot the damage that can be caused by one person pulling one little trigger. Laws that allow gun owners almost complete reign are pushing the country back to the days of the Wild West, allowing anyone to do almost anything with little consequence. There are consequences to our actions in life and everyone should be held accountable for their own.

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