Should alcohol be illegal?

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So many lives are destroyed by alcohol. Think of all the domestic abuse that results from abusing alcohol and the lives lost due to drunk driving! Banning liquor is such a simple fix that will save these lives from tragedy. We should focus on the less destructive ways to entertain ourselves and spend our free time.

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The idea that alcohol should be illegal is so ridiculous it hardly seems worthy of debate. We already tried prohibition and it was a miserable failure. The Prohibition was supposed to improve our health. Instead, it resulted in binge drinking on other drinks that were often toxic. People started taking opium and organized crime took hold.
Making moonshine is not rocket science. If it's banned people will find other ways to get it. Alcohol has to be regulated by the government to ensure public safety. If the government has problems now imagine it without the tax revenues. Prohibition would be a waste of money and law enforcement's time. It would overburden our prisons that are already overcrowded. The public would never stand for it. Go ahead, listen in on our phone calls, but try to take away our beer and watch the revolution begin!
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Many lives may be destroyed by alcohol but many more are not. Alcohol can be used responsibly even though many many times it is not. Prohibition gave us direct proof of what will happen if alcohol is made illegal. Making it illegal again will only force us to go through the same painfull lessons we went through during Prohibition. And even with those problems, the consumption of alcohol was not stopped. So why go through that again. Unfortunately, the problems caused by making alcohol illegal are far greater than those caused by keeping it legal.
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It should not be illegal. But it should be heavily regulated by the government to ensure public health and safety. Businesses producing, distributing, and selling alcohol play a huge role in the modern economy. They're generating billions in tax revenue and creating countless jobs in the manufacturing, service, retail, and hospitality industries. Removing this critical sector could devastate the global economy.

History shows that the prohibition of extremely high-demand commodities, including drugs and alcohol, creates underground black markets that are unregulated and controlled by criminals. This just leaves us with higher crime rates, more violence, and social unrest.

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