Should Obamacare be repealed?

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Government-administered programs are never run well. It's going to create more IRS jobs than medical jobs! Obamacare will make this bad economy so much worse. Then it will start spreading to other countries around the world. Watch it. Under Obamacare, the next time you have a life-change event (like having a baby, getting married/divorced or getting a new job) you'll be forced to change your coverage to Obamacare.
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It's a big step forward. People on Medicare will finally get the free preventative services they need. They've been limited in their choices too long. Women also get tons of new free benefits under Obamacare. Things like contraception, breastfeeding, gestational diabetes, and wellness visits. No co-pays and these don't require them to meet their deductibles. Sure, it'll be tough on the middle class but it's worth it.
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Another Medicare change is they're going to close the doughnut hole where drug plans now cut off people from their prescriptions when they hit $2,970. They pick it back up at $4,750 but now there won't be any gap come 2020. About time.
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Keep it IMO. It'll stop this nonsense with pre-existing conditions. Insurance companies are taking advantage of people with pre-existing conditions by making them pay high premiums. Right now there are 20,000,000 children under 19 with conditions who are being denied insurance unfairly.

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